Walbro kütusepump 255LPH GSS342 + tarvikuid



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Walbro part number: GSS342 (includes full install kit)
Type: universal electric in-tank fuel pump
Fuel: gasoline
Flow rate: 255LPH
Noise level: very quiet
Minimum voltage: 12V
Fuel pump dimensions:
Length: 120mm (overall)
Length: 80mm (case only)
Diameter: 39.5mm
Inlet width: 11mm
Outlet width: 8mm
Operating pressure: 15-90 PSI – final fuel pressure set by regulator
Pushing a whopping 255 liters of fuel per hour at high pressure
High pressure, high performance universal in-tank fuel pump for the extreme automotive enthusiast
All Walbro fuel pumps are brand new and 100% authentic Walbro. Made in the USA
Design based on TI Automotive OEM Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper technology

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