TurboSystems Turbo HTX40602



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Turbocharger suitable for motorsport application

Power range: 400-550 HP

Displacement of the engine: 1.8-2.8 dm3


? Compressor side Technical features:

Special point milling design 7+7 blades compressor wheel machined from the solid form

special grade aircraft aluminum.

Compressor air Intake diameter: 102mm

Compressor air Outlet diameter: 63mm

Compressor wheel:

? Inducer 60 mm

? Exducer 86 mm + extended tip

? Turbine side Technical features:

Cast iron -12 cm2, (AR 0,68) twin scroll turbine housing. High flow 10 blades turbine wheel.

T3 flange twin scroll

79mm V-band clamp connection for exhaust

Turbine wheel:

? Inducer 76mm

? Exducer 65mm

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