Ford 1.6 Zetec Athena MLS plokikaane tihend 81×1.6mm 338271R




Part number 338271R

Athena Racing MLS cylinder head gasket 81.00×1.60mm

Ford Escort – 1.6 16V Turbo; Fiesta – 1.6 8V Turbo (LNA, LHA, LHB)


Athena Racing 338 series multilayer steel (MLS) cylinder head gasket.

Athena MLS gaskets are designed to suit the requirements of today’s competition engines offering enhanced sealing compared to the OEM product.

The gaskets are assembled from 2-5 layers of high quality stainless and spring steels.

Part number: 338271R

Gasket thickness: 1.60mm

Bore size: 81.00mm


Part number starting with 338
Athena advantages
Optimized radius embossing shape The round shape of the embossing increases sealing on cylinder bore, oil and cooling water passages and improves spring back strength
Advanced stopper technology State of the technology enhances sealing pressure around the cylinder. Highest sealing properties in high power engines
Coating technology

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