BMW E30 E34 E36 2.0 2.5 M50B20 M50B25 FCP racing jäig tõukur, kmpl.


Delivery 1-10 days

Part number FCPSLB/24.

FCP Engineering mechanical racing solid lifters (tappets, cam followers).

BMW E30, E34, E36 – 2.0 2.5 (M50B20, M50B25)


Lifter data:

Outer diameter – 35.00mm

Inner diameter – 33.10mm

Outer height – 26.00mm

Stem length – 14.70mm

Stud diameter – 7.00mm

Weight – 50g

24 pcs. FCP Engineering racing mechanical solid lifters.

Forged steel, nitride hardened surface, HRC 50.

Installed follower height to camshaft must be adjusted with lash caps (not included).

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